St Mary’s – Broughton

Sir George Gilbert Scott started restoring this church in 1877 for the Rev. C. F. Wyatt and the work was completed after his death by George Gilbert junior by 1880. They restored the chancel, the tracery on the east window, the nave roof was rebuilt and new chancel and aisle roofs were completed to their original height. They also renewed the windows and provided a new pulpit in Gothic style.


Sedila and Piscina, St Mary’s – Broughton

In 1858, Sir George Gilbert Scott provided a sedila and piscina using an old fragment from the church.


Memorial to Ellen Twistleton, St Mary’s – Broughton

In 1862, Sir George Gilbert Scott designed a memorial plaque on the east wall of the south aisle to the Honourable Ellen Twisleton, wife of Edward Turner Boyd Twistleton, a portrait medallion in an alabaster frame.