In the article “Sir George Gilbert Scott – who is the man honoured in the Google Doodle?” –Tom Phillips of Metro delivers a brief history of Sir George Gilbert Scott, who was commemorated by Google in a Doodle on 13th July 2011.

St Pancras Midland Grand Hotel

Phillips pays homage to Sir George Gilbert Scott with a brief history lesson of his most famous projects. The most famous discussed is the St Pancras Midland Grand Hotel which opened in 1873 after Scott won a competition to design it. The hotel was one of the grandest in London in the 1800s and is now one of London’s most iconic landmarks.

Sir Gilbert Scott was commemorated in a Google Doodle on 13 July 2011 200 years’ after his birth on July 13, 1811. The Doodle was an artistic expression of the St Pancras Midland Grand hotel, Scott’s first ever big project. The Doodle was titled “Sir George Gilbert Scott’s 200th Birthday” and was published on Google UK.

What is a Google Doodle?

A Google Doodle is a special, temporary commemoration of someone or something. It replaces the ‘Google’ logo on the website homepage and search results for a day. Most Doodles are geo-specific so only show in certain countries. Google releases Doodles to celebrate important people and events only. The birth of the nation’s foremost architect, of course, was deemed to be important enough for commemoration.

You can read Tom Phillips’ quick guide about Sir George Gilbert Scott on The Metro and you can view the original commemorative Doodle on Google.