“London’s Iconic Red Phone Box Gets A Twenty-First Century Makeover,” is an article written by Maria Khan for HuffPost. It covers news that a new telephone box design will take over from BT’s Kiosk KX100, with a shape reminiscent of the classic K2 kiosk which was designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott.

The new kiosk

The new kiosk mimics the shape of the original K2 box. It adopts the height of the K2 but is a little wider and is coloured black. Inside there’ll be a telephone, but there’ll also be a high-speed Wi-Fi connection and an interactive touch screen.

Designed by New World Payphones as a replacement for old booths, the new kiosk is designed to declutter Britain’s streets and help people stay connected on the go. The kiosks will replace older boxes such as the Kiosk KX100 and for every kiosk built, New World Payphones will plant a tree in the local community.

The red telephone box

The original K2 box was designed by Giles Gilbert Scott in the 1920s after he won a Post Office sponsored competition to design it. The ubiquitous red telephone box quickly became a British icon and has remained one since.

BT started to replace the K2 kiosk and other models with their own designs, with the Kiosk KX100 being perhaps the most famous. However, with less people using telephony services, a new design is being introduced that’s reminiscent of the K2.

You can find out more about the new telephone kiosks on HuffPost.