Scott had probably first met William Cubitt in 1832 when Cubitt built the superstructure of the Fishmongers’ Hall in partnership with his brother Lewis. Later he entered into partnership with another brother, Thomas, and together they built-up the great building firm, which is still in existence. By employing their own specialist tradesmen and craftsmen, they invented the concept of today’s general contractor. At one stage they employed 3,000 men and had three yards in London, where they produced the different components required for building. After Thomas’s death in 1855, William Cubitt became the head of the firm, which had become an obvious candidate for any list of tenderers for major building projects in London. Between 1859-61, they worked for Scott on Kelham Hall. In 1860-1, Cubitt was Lord Mayor of London and MP for Andover from 1847-61.